Sample Assign Jobs to Employees Evenly

Download Sample Access File: Assign Jobs to Employees evenly

This sample file is for assigning jobs or tasks to many employees evenly in rotation. It can be skipped for non-active employee or employee who is not working on that day. The Assign Job function is using the multiple Recordsets, do while loop, and updating data in Recordset.

Highlight functions in this sample file include:

1. Navigation form for Assign Job tab, # of Job Assigned tab, Employee List tab and Exit program tab. The navigation form also displays a current date and real time with a digital clock ticking.

nav tab


2. The assign job form consists of the employee list subform, job subform and # of job assigned subform. Job can be assigned to all employees who come in to work or have the Instatus = yes. The Assign Job function also updates the date that job assigned and assigned by the login person who clicks the assign button. The most importance is assigning job to employee evenly.

navi form

3. Job can be assigned to some employees and skips some employees. For example in the figure below, employee 4 and employee 5 have the InStatus field unchecked due to they don’t come to work today or on vacation. We don’t want to assign a job to them. The jobs on the list will be assigned only to employee 2, employee 3 and employee 6 equally.

not all employee in


4. When we have new jobs, the assign job function will assign new job to the next employee continued from previous assignment. Per figure below, the employee 3 was assigned to job #5. The next employee on the list is employee 4. The new jobs are job #6, #7, #8,… After click on Assign Job button, program will assign job #6 to employee 4, job #7 to employee 5 and so on as shown in the picture below.

continuecontinue complete


5. The subform/datasheet form displays the number of job assigned to each employee. The source of data is created from the Select Query by using count function on job assigned to employees.

count job assignedselect query


6. The Clear Job Assigned is created to open an Update Query to delete the data from fields AssignedTo, AssignedDate, and AssignedBy for testing purpose. The Update Query is used to delete those data by updating the existing data to blank field.

update queryclear command

Download file contains:

2 tables, 5 Forms, 4 queries and 1 Module


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