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Download Sample Access File: Student Database

This is an example file of Student Database (you can call it Classroom database). This database is created on a single form as a Main form, not using a Navigation Form. The main purpose of this database is keeping record of student attendance for each class he/she is taking. It also keeps a record of test score and final grade of each student for each class taken. It is ready to use or it can be modified as you want. You can also learn how to program vba in access from this database.

Highlight functions or features in this sample file include:

#1. A Main form is displaying the class lists and all buttons related to students, teacher, classes, attendance log, and class enrollment. The ribbon menu and navigation pane are hidden when main form is loaded.

hide ribbon

#2. . Add New Class – Open form for adding new class. For this sample file, I have added up to 5 exam/test fields with extra credit and final score fields. We use the max score field to set the total of each exam/test.

add class

#3. Edit Class – In order to open edit class, the class on the list must be selected first. For example, this class has 3 exams/tests with 50 scores each and 100 scores for the final exam. Total score will be 250 as shown in the picture below. You can also close this class then open the class enrollment form by clicking on the Class Enrollment button.

edit class

#4 (a). Class Enrollment- where you can add students to the selected class. You also need to record the score for each exam/test under this form. The total score and grade will be calculated for each student on this form. Grade calculation was called from module. This form also linked to the Edit Class form as shown total max score of 250 for 3 exam and final exam.

class enroll

#4 (b) If class has only 2 exams then it will show only 2 fields of exam1 and exam2 on the subform below. You will learn how to use the Columnwidth of each field on the subform that put under the On Load Event of subform. For instance, this class Ms 501 has 2 exams with score of 50 each and no final. The total max score will be 100 as shown below and different from above picture of Intro Acct class with 3 exams and final exam in total of 250 scores. We are using same form and same subform, but loaded with different class with different in number of exam.

class enroll 2

#4 (c) You can print the report of class enrollment from this form. The will also display the number of exam provided for the display class on the enrollment form. Class MS 501 is display in the Print Preview for this example.

stu class enroll

#5. Today Attendance Log- displays the Today attendance for all enrolled students for the selected class on Main form. For the first time of clicking the Today Attendance Log on the Main form, it will ask user if he/she wants to add a Today student attendance log for the selected class. User can print out the report for today attendance log for this class.

today logreport today log

#6(a). All Attendance Log – displays the attendance for all enrolled students for the selected class on Main form. User can select each date from the dropdown box to see the attendance for that date. If the date of attendance log is not on the dropdown list then user can add a new date for attendance log by clicking on plus sign (+). You can also print the attendance summary and attendance by the selected date.

all att logatt summary

#6(b). Add Date to Attendance Log- this function is used to manually add a specific date to the attendance log with all students who enrolled in this class. After a date is entered and click OK, the add date form will close and the Attendance Log will update for the date just added in order for us to update attendance.

add date to attadd date updated

#7. Teacher Form – to add a new teacher and searching for existing teachers. Three skills can be assigned to each teacher.


#8. Teacher Skill – Add/edit a skill for teacher.

teacher skill

#9. Student Form – for adding a new student and searching for existing students. You can also view the attendance summary, attendance detail and class enrollment with score for each class for this student.

student formclass enroll report

#10(a). Search Form – Search the attendance by student and/or class and/or date. The result will be narrowed down by selecting more than one criteria from the combo box. There are two reports can be printed from the result of filtering. The example below is showing searching by student only, by student and class with the detail report.

search formsearch with 2 criteriareport for search

#10(b) It can be searched by class and also can print out the on report for summary by class and details report by class.

search by classatt summary by class

att detail by class

Download file contains:
7 tables, 7queries, 15 Forms, 8 Reports and 1 Module


Video Preview:

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