form/subform to see for what samples you have to enter results

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elena arsova asked 9 months ago

I have a form and subform. they are connected with ID. 
so imagine. . i have 15 records with some sample name ( i entered them with my subform). . for that 15 records i have to enter the results ( results with 5 parameters.. dmax, dmin, ovality….. i entered the results with  botton with excel and then transfer them to table in ms access.
now i want to make some form or table or subform that will tell me what results  i already entered and tranfer (with excel) and what is waiting for me to do. example 5 waiitng 10 done…….. to see it on the list what i already do and what i have to do
is that possible? do you have any suggestion how to do that?
Thank you

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TGoldenEye Staff answered 7 months ago

I’m not quiet understand what you really want to do. You may give the example of how you want.

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