Business Account Ledger

Download Sample Access File: Business Account Ledger

This is a simple Business Account Ledger Access Database file. It will be used to record the expenses and revenues of business transaction. This sample file provides the input form for both transaction types of Expense and Income. It also provides the reports and charts of each transaction type for certain period of time.

main menu

Highlight functions in this file include:

1. Expense Form: All transaction of expenses will be recorded on this form.

expense form

2. Revenue form: All transaction of revenue will be recorded on this form. After the record is added, it will display on the list of datasheet.

income form

3. Transaction List: It can be modified depending on your needs. You can add new description and the type of transaction.

transaction list

4. All Transaction: This form includes all transaction and provide a total for revenue and expense with the balance for the certain period of time or all transaction.

all transaction

5. Independent Note: this sample also provides the Note form which is not related to the business transaction.


6. Account Detail Report: The start date and end date are required to view the detail report which includes all transaction each date shown under each type of transaction. The report also provides a sum of each transaction type.

account details

7. Account Summary Report: This report will show only the total of each transaction type and total for revenue or expense. It will not display the individual transaction.

transaction type report

8. Income/Expense chart: This form will display a chart of total Income and total Expense for each month according to the range of date input on top of this form. When you point a cursor to the chart it will display the total amount of the income or expense for that month. You can also view the report summary by month according to this chart as shown in the picture below.

income and expense chart report summary by month


9. The Chart for each Transaction: This form will display a chart of total amount for each transaction type according to the range of date input on the top of this form. You can also view the summary report of each transaction type corresponding to this chart as shown below.

transaction type chart account summary


Download file contains:

3 tables, 3 Queries, 10 Forms and 3 Reports

table list      form list

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