Open Link from MS Access

Download Sample Access File: Open file link or folder or web link from MS Access database

You can open the links for any file document or folder on your local computer or network drive. It is also able to open any website link. You can collect all your favorite links into one database and can retrieve them quickly to use. You also can modify the Access file implement it into your database. (See more on How To..)


Highlight functions in this file include:

1. Open links from the drop-down list only for the active links


2. Able to add and edit the links or link type


3. Quickly get result from the Search function by keyword on link name and link description fields


4. Able to add/edit the link type


5. Able to open link or edit from Search form


6. Display message if No Record Found after search


Download file contains:

2 tables, 6 Forms and 2 Modules


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